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Lorena Herrero

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Lorena Herrero is a Spanish printmaker who lives and works in London. Her work has been exhibited throughout London and the UK in numerous occasions and has work in collections at the V&A and selected for last year’s Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

Her first approach to Intaglio explores the scope and the potential of the medium and her work often represent a mixture between a realistic world and a fantastic dimension where nature and urban spaces come together.

Geometry continues to be a great source of inspiration in her work, and concepts such as lines, forms, symmetry, shapes and dimensions. Studying the repetition of lines in regular or irregular intervals to create complex compositions, how to find order and balance in each composition and how to break that balance.
She is constantly exploring new techniques and exploring new ways to move her practice further.
Lorena has been a member of East London Printmaking for several years and often represents ELP in groups exhibitions and Art fairs